Identity Fraud Search

This search is to obtain information on any persons that may have used a Social Security Number, either by error, or by intentional fraud. The results of this search is for informational purposes only, and further investigative resources may be needed to confirm if a social security number was used with criminal intent.

Step 1. Enter your name and email address below. Once the requester’s name and email has been received, an email will be sent to the email address provided.

Step 2. This email will contain a link to a secure encrypted form* for you to enter the social security number to be verified.

A search fee of $25 is to be paid online. Once your request is processed, you will receive information regarding the names that have been associated with the social security number requested. If you have any questions regarding this search or ordering instructions, please contact CAPS Screenings via the contact page.

*No personal or confidential information will be stored on the CAPS Screenings database.