Pre-Employment Screening Services

Our goal is to keep your company safe and provide you the information needed to select the best employees for your company.

CAPS will provide you with simple and comprehensive results in a quick turn-around time. We give personalized service and offer after- hours service, including holidays.

We provide a simple pre-employment screening form that is free and easy to use. There is no setup or registration fee and no contract to sign. Pre-employment screening reports starting at $10 for nationwide criminal records.

Additional services and custom employment applications available.
Call us for details 1-866-639-0581 or contact us using the form below.

Identity Verification
This section of the report prevents fraud. It confirms the applicants SSN, verifies if anyone else has used this SSN, gives an address history of the applicant, and much more.

Credit Report
Provides full credit history of the applicant.

Nationwide Criminal Records Check
This is a nationwide search which provides you with results on criminal records, traffic citations, sexual predator results, and an international terrorist watch list search.

Eviction, Judgments and Liens
This is a nationwide search that gives important results on civil and financial records of the applicant.

Social Media Search
This report provides a very detailed report of over 200 social media databases, and can provide you with valuable information regarding your applicant’s true reputation.

Employment Verification
This report verifies the previous employment of the applicant and their eligibility for re-hire at that employer.

Personal Reference Verification
Verification of the personal opinions of the applicant’s abilities, flaws, and character from their personal network of friends and family.

Professional Reference Verification
Verification of the opinions of the applicant’s professional network and the applicant’s ability to work within a professional environment.

Professional License Verification
If you require your applicant to possess and maintain a professional state license or certificate, this search will confirm if the license is valid and if it has ever been suspended or revoked.

Education Verification
This will provide you with academic verification, include college degrees, high school diplomas, and trade certifications.

Driving History
This will provide you with a 3 or 7 year report (depending on the state) of your applicant’s driving records, including accidents, suspensions, and license revocations.

Substance Abuse Detection
If your employment requires drug testing for employment or
after an on-the-job accident, this is a full panel and
DOT-approved drug screening process.

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